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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Fun in Quarantine...

Fun in quarantine | Coronavirus charity stand-up comedy show viral in Chinese social media this week. Stand-up comedian Jesse Appell having a light-hearted stand-up comedy about the life in quarantine in China for charity on medical supplies in Wuhan. Even though already performed middle of last month, it has been going viral with millions of views this week on Chinese social media with praise, fun and reflection.

Definitely worth a watch to see the light, self-reflective fun humor of the quarantine :-) Jesse Appell, also known as 艾杰西, is a Fulbright Scholar Alumni whose research focuses on Chinese humor and performance. He is a disciple of master Xiangsheng performer Ding Guangquan, and regularly performs Xiangsheng, bilingual improv comedy, and Chinese stand-up live and on TV. #china #gowuhan #coronavirus #2019ncov #covid2019

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