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  • Gordon Dumoulin

"Green will be the new profit"... China's zero carbon footprint by 2060

China's zero carbon footprint by 2060 | In a hardly noticed and media published speech to the United Nations General Assembly last week, President Xi Jinping announced China's pledge to be #carbonneutral by 2060 with #carbonemissions peaking before 2030.

Aba, Sichuan province (picture by Ian Jiang, unsplash)

While people might say this is a diversion from current disruptions in the China-Western relation, this straightforward objective may redefine global #economicmodels for #humanity in coming decades.

Other countries have also pledged #carbonneutrality by 2050, the great question here how nations are going to achieve these necessary goals ? It takes “a little more” than paying or getting rid of responsibilities by emission trading or exporting pollution. #environmentaldisaster does not stop at borders…. (just as COVID19 doesn’t). Tit for tat policies are foreover.

Maybe a disruptive shift from ‘free, unconditional market’ and ‘profit-driven’ economies with environmental conditions to a core ‘environmental-driven’ model supported by high-tech and market conditions ? Don't underestimate China moving ahead swiftly and radically as it has shown in the past with other reforms.

"Environment will be the new profit" as it should be for our children and our earth.

#china #europe #usa #reboothumanity #environment

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