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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Guochao (国潮) is much more than just patriotism...

The buzzword #guochao #国潮 has been around in Chinese consumer culture for quite some time and refers to the rise of homegrown Chinese brands challenging international brands for domestic market share. Guochao is often defined as an intersection of a rising tide of nationalism with a better Chinese consumer understanding.

While the consumer market in #china certainly witnesses influences from the geopolitical sphere in recent years, do not underestimate the #chineseconsumers buying behaviour.

#homegrown brands need to provide distinctive value just as any foreign brand. Successful local brands popping up often adapt on a better consumer fit, innovation or marketing. Whether functional, cultural, social or qualitative. Just a flag will not do the trick.

Domestic brands need to fight just as hard to keep Chinese consumers attached, building up reliability and confidence. Sustainability, transparency by learning, social responsibility and a feel of confidence and comfort are key factors for coming years.

Here a few domestic brands which have been making a difference in the #chinesemarket ;


Adopt-a-cow (livestream producing) dairy


Icicle sustainable luxury fashion


Neiwai body-positivity lingerie with female confidence


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