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  • Gordon Dumoulin

High speed sustainable cargo kicking off....

The amazing high speed rail track network in China will not just be enjoyed by people anymore. Last November the first high speed cargo trains have been put in operation.

Manufactured by CRRC Tangshan Co Ltd, the new trains with 2.9m wide loading doors and a max speed of 350 km/h have a loading volume of 800cbm and can carry up to 110 metric tons.

The high-speed freight trains meet demand especially for distances between 600-1,500 km and is part of the strategic plan to build a modern and sustainable comprehensive transport system by 2035.

In perspective, let's assume the high speed train is about 3x faster than a truck (3 rides against 1 truck ride) and the average truck volume (20ft container) is 33 cbm. This means that 1 train would replace about 75 trucks for interregional transport capacity (yes with numerous if’s and but’s but nonetheless a potential sustainable game changer). The energy consumption per unit mass is only 8% compared to airfreight cargo on a 1,500km distance.

Today's high speed rail network in China is 38,000 km with about 180 cities connected. The ambition is to extend to 70,000 km by 2035, getting 100's of tier 4 cities and rural areas on the high speed rail grid.

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Sources yicai global, xinhua, cgtn

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