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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Holidays are over... school has started

Holidays are over, today has been the first school day after Spring Festival and winter holidays in China. This morning it was wonderful to see so many children so happy to see their friends again when I brought my son to school.

This evening , we went as usual for any new term to the school supply shop to buy the book covers, different hardness pencils, writing and notebooks etc..

Always a special moment for me as well to see the buzz in the shop, "smelling school time" at the beginning of a new term with the feeling how much education plays a role and significance in Chinese society.

We can all discuss the many different ways how to educate our children but foremost the right to education is a basic human right and it is amazing to see how basic education for children here in China has developed in recent decades with amazing efforts, especially in countrysides and remote places.

Wishing all children joy, inspiration and lots of new learnings until summer !


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