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  • Gordon Dumoulin

How the Chinese market can make (or break) success !

Low budget, failed movie locally made in the Netherlands, an unexpected huge success in China.

The Dutch horror film Prey (Prooi), retitled Violent Fierce Lion (狂暴凶狮 Kuangbao Xiong Shi) for the China market, has unexpectedly hit the top of the Chinese box office. Released on March 22, the low-budget thriller became the third biggest movie on its opening day — beating out Hollywood blockbusters Bohemian Rhapsody and Captain Marvel — and made over 5 million USD during the weekend.

Considering the movie was a domestic flop, seen only by 30,000 people in Dutch cinemas when released in October 2016, this huge success in China hit many surprises, not the least for Movie Director Dick Maas.

A movie about a lion eating its way through Amsterdam, leaving bodies and bloody paw prints in its trail, the rights were sold to Star Alliance by Incredible Film with the Hong Kong-based distributor initially planning a limited 400-screen theatrical release with a fast increase to 4,000 cinemas.

The popularity is apparent as well on Weibo (China’s Twitter). Over the last week, Prey has gained over 8 million mentions and many positive reviews.

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