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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Ice fun and Bean sprouts...

During this week's Chinese New holiday...

Last weekend on the Houhai 后海 lake amid the old hutongs of Beijing. Lots of people enjoying a beautiful day out on the ice.

Usually Beijing is quite deserted this week with millions going back to their hometowns for Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) to be with family.

This year many people decided to stay in Beijing (and other cities) due to the COVID situation and measures and enjoy their Spring Festival in the city.


The beginning of Spring 立春 (lì chūn), the first lunisolar term in the Tiger New Year of the Chinese lunisolar calendar started yesterday, February 4th.

The morning market was full of bean sprouts, symbolizing the beginning of a new spring. Bean sprouts are a popular filling for the famous Lichun spring rolls and pancakes, popular dishes in China to celebrate the beginning of Spring.

This year's Li Chun is especially remarkable as yesterday was also the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Let's hope for a new beginnings in many ways and wishing all athletes great success and inspiration during the games.

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