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Improving life standards on high alpine meadows in Sichuan...

Improving standards of life on high altitude alpine meadows in NE Sichuan province.

A new 34 km long road in Rangtang country (壤塘县), Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture (about 400-500km north-west from Chengdu) has made life much easier for the shepherds and farmers in the highlands. The road winding through the beautiful widespread green grasslands at altitudes between 3,500 to 4,200 meters, has linked two townships in the county.

Three villages living on raising livestock and collecting herbs are connected on the way. Before the road, it took about 4 hours by horse for shepherds and farmers to reach the town for selling their milk (yak and sheep), herbs or other matters in the town. The road has now reduced travel time to only about 30 minutes.

Also health care and education is now much more easy accessible by the road, improving the lives of the mountain people. Building this road (investment about USD 7 million) is one of the many projects going on all over China with the ambition to eradicate poverty.

Wonderful accomplishments, big or small, step by step...

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Source Chinadaily

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