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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Innovative marketing in epidemic times

Dedicated, innovative marketing services in epidemic times.

Below our school and office in Tongzhou district, Beijing, a new coffee shop just opened by two young female entrepreneurs before Chinese New Year and the drastic containment measure. As you can imagine, this is the worst start imaginable for a new retail business.

They have been carefully opening up since last weekend and we checked their shop this early evening to taste their milk tea and fresh juice. They told us that less than 10 people had visited their shop this week and only few online delivery orders as many offices around are still closed.

When they packed we got a free spray with disinfection alcohol. Dedicated marketing and services in special times !

Pray and support for the millions of small and medium retail and family businesses in China that they will survive this economic disaster.

As well equally prayers for all businesses around the world which are or will be affected by the #coronavirusoutbreak

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