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  • Gordon Dumoulin

It's the only Prada I can afford :-)... from mall to market

Italian fashion house Prada changed their focus from luxury shopping malls to the neighborhood market in Shanghai.

Thousands of people visited Wuzhong Market in the Shanghai’s former French Concession with the sole purpose of posing with vegetables wrapped in a Prada bag and trying to collect the ‘limited edition’ paper bags.

The two-week event at the wet market has been part of Prada’s advertising campaign to promote its global fall/winter 2021 campaign, titled “Feels Like Prada.” The event certainly raised awareness being a hype on Weibo (China's twitter) with people sharing pictures and discussing this ‘unusual’ campaign.

It also raised discussions among market vendors how the event benefited or disrupted their sales.

One weibo netizen jokingly mentioned; “It’s the only Prada I can afford”

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Read more in Sixthtone and Shine sources :

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