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Light in dark rural China....

NATURAL GLOW SOLUTION FOR THE DARK ROADS IN RURAL CHINA | One notable win from China during the Amsterdam World Architecture Festival last November was from a group of Tianjin University students who triumphed in the “Daylight Investigations” category of the International Velux Awards, held under the WAF umbrella.

Their entry was an innovative solution to a problem faced across rural China: that of poorly lit (or more likely completely unlit) pathways and roads that children in remote areas must navigate to get to and from school each day.

The team from Tianjin University — Yuhan Luo, Di Lan, Yuan Liu and Yusong Liu — proposed,; introducing a small amount of inexpensive fluorite to the pathways. The bright colours of the stones will glow for several hours at night when irradiated by daylight during the day.

Almost all provinces in China have large fluorite mines and the coarse processing of the raw stone into pavement material makes is economically feasible for poor rural areas.

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