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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Michelin being "grilled" in Beijing

Michelin is being “grilled” and under attack by Chinese culinary chefs and food critics after its launch of the first Beijing Michelin Guide edition two weeks ago.

Dǒng Zhènxiáng 董振祥, a Beijing celebrity chef and the founder of the school of Imaginative Cuisine mentions that Michelin’s selection of Beijing restaurants and dishes was fraught with ancient stereotypes to be novelty seeking without attempt to reveal the true nature of Chinese cuisine today.

“The sense of cultural superiority communicated in their selection of Beijing dishes creates an illusion that the culinary level of ordinary people in China remains on tripes, offal, and viscera. But these foods obviously do not capture mainstream Chinese culinary culture, let alone the artistic elegance of Chinese cuisine.”

“We hope Michelin can obtain a deeper understanding of the place where the food is inspected. Get rid of the arrogance, ignorance, and prejudice, and be left with our shared passion for the soul of gastronomy.”

It would be like creating a Michelin guide for France where andouillete, escargots de bourgogne or tête de veau would solely dominate the guide :-)

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Source : supchina

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