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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Modern tea house merged into 'Chinese painting' scenery...

Tea house (2012) at the shore of 1,000m high Diandan lake in Tianzhu Mountain (天柱山, ‘heaven pillar mount’). Designed by Atelier Archiplein with inspiration of typical Chinese paintings and the philosophy of vanishing. The building is considered a continuity of the existing topography, bended to follow the natural movement minimizing the impact and intrusion on the natural face.

Tianzhu mountain is one of the 3 large mountains in Anhui province (together with Huangshan or Yellow Mountain and Mount Jiuhua) holding ancient history. Tianzhu Peak stands at almost 2,000 meters surrounded by 45 peaks above 1,000m. The UNESCO Geopark holds cultural relics such as steles carved with the calligraphies of famous people in ancient times, such as Libai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty (618~907).

#china #anhui #chinesehistory #chinesenature #chinesearchitecture

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