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Never consider education for granted...

Last evening in one the school supplies shops with my son which you can find around every primary or middle school in China. Second semester started yesterday and we ticked off the list of pencils; pens; Chinese, English and math notebooks; and art supplies needed for the second term.

Education is (or should be) a vital core for each society but is still a privilege around the world for many or underrated by others. In China education for children is highly regarded and prioritized by government and parents alike. Education is a prime basic for a better future as individual, community and country.

President Xi Jinping personally awarded School Principal Zhang Guimei last week as role model for poverty alleviation dedicating 40 years of her life helping young girls from impoverished families in the mountainous areas of Yunnan Province to pursue higher education.

Read more about the extraordinary story of principal Zhang 'the devil mother', an example of human selflessness and devotion in children's education in my blog few month ago : The 'Devil Mother'.... example of human selflessness and devotion

Never take education for granted but value, appreciate and contribute for the future of our children.

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