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  • Gordon Dumoulin

New disruptive healthcare ecosystems

New healthcare ecosystems emerging at rapid speed in China.

111 Inc. (NASDAQ: YI), leading digital and mobile healthcare platform in China, only established in 2010 by partners Gang Yu and Junling Yu (both ex Dell Technologies) and debuted on NASDAQ Sept. 2018.

111 has gone through a speedy evolution in less than a decade starting off as online B2C for pharma products to a New Retail ecosystem integrating e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail, medical consultancy, logistics, high-tech (5G, AI) and big data.

Three integrated pillars of business :

'1 Clinic' ; Online hospital with over 2,000 medical specialists providing consumers cost-effective and convenient online consultation and e-prescription services.

'1 Drugstore' ; Largest direct sales online pharmacy network in China.

'1 Drug Mall' ; Providing smart and integrated pharmacy distribution solutions, empowering pharmacies, hospitals, logistics and pharmaceutical companies with data, services and infrastructure. Currently serving more than 50% of China's 450,000 pharmacies.

The 111 ecosystem, a fully integrated T2B2C (tech2bussiness2consumer) network, is rapidly expanding with new strategic Western and TCM pharma partners.

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