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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Podcast on medicinal herbs, health, education and life in China

Last month I had a great talk with Yingying (李莹莹) Li and Brendan Davis 毕达维 covering interesting topics on medicinal herbs, health, education, society and life in China.

Listen to the podcast here;

GORDON DUMOULIN | Herbs, Organic Health, & Education

The talk was part of "HOW CHINA WORKS", a podcast designed to help foreigners become “China-smart” and to help Chinese people who are ready to go global. YINGYING LI and BRENDAN DAVIS use a hybrid East-West perspective - crossing cultures, generations, and genders - to find common ground and build understanding.

The show is fun, friendly, and focused, referencing history and culture as it looks to the future, in order to benefit all of us.

You can find more interesting podcasts on their website

Thank you Yingying and Brendan for hosting me and a wonderful podcast.

#china #chinesesociety #howchinaworks

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