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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Reality TV, Grand TV Galas and Clubbing in virtual worlds.....

Chinese society in huge transformation during the era of confinement !

China’s reality shows and grand galas on TV in the era of confinement and quarantine. Reality TV, Singing and Performance Contests, and Grand Celebrity Gala TV shows have been given a serious challenge as they broadcast the reality of having to stay indoors during the coronavirus epidemic.

The new virtual trend, “cloud variety shows” takes place in the living rooms of celebrities and lay-participants who sing, dance, and eagerly await their time in the spotlight.

Several television and online platforms including Hunan TV, iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku have launched nearly a dozen reality shows filmed remotely such as celebrities cooking at home or singing from their own studio in various reality shows and singing and dancing contests similar to “the Voice or Street Dance of China” live streamed from participant's homes (with great virtual backgrounds). General Manager of Youku Variety Shows division Zheng Wei ; “These extraordinary conditions now pose an extreme challenge for the industry, but they also inspire new ideas. Innovation made during this time might even give birth to new norms in the future.” Chinese society in transformation during the era of confinement !

You can also release energy these days with cloud clubbing and live streaming music festivals. This month several clubs in China are live streaming DJs on Douyin (Chinese TikTok) on Friday or Saturday nights as these places are naturally closed during this time of quarantine and confinement.

These cloud clubbing sessions are making millions of yuan using a common feature on Chinese live-streaming platforms: 10,000's virtual party-goers can spend real money on virtual gifts for the DJs performing online. In one case, Douyin offered a virtual gift that’s become scarce in the real world amid the coronavirus outbreak: face masks.

One of China’s biggest music festivals canceled its event last week. To offset some of its losses, Strawberry Music Festival live streamed some performances on popular video platform Bilibili, calling it “Stay at Home Strawberry.”

Chinese society in huge transformation during the era of confinement !

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