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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Redefining female sexiness in China...

Redefining female sexiness in China, a revolution in China's lingerie world. While global brands were powerful until recently, the globalized, unified marketing and design has failed to keep striking a chord with the fast evolving Chinese consumers in recent years.

Lack of options fitting Asian body types, straightforward flirtatious and loud western stereotype branding has lost appeal with especially Chinese women.

Moreover new domestic brands such as Neiwai ("inside out") or Atelier Intimo popped up during the last decade who better understand the needs and emotions of Chinese women.

Chinese lingerie buyers have historically been labeled as having “conservative” or “conventional” attitudes. But in contemporary China, this paradigm is changing quickly, they seek to define “sexiness” on their own terms.

“The underwear they choose represents the attitude they want to express in that moment. They know what they want. And they will wear what they want.” Shedding their past and embracing underwear as a form of both self-expression and self-acceptance.

Some foreign brands have picked up while others are still lost in translation about the 'sea of mystery' called Chinese female consumer power.

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