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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Resilience, solidarity, calmness...

It is a grace to see the resilience, solidarity and calmness of the Chinese people undergoing the unprecedented quarantine and lockdown measures of the 2019-nCoV corona virus outbreak.

While many international media are questioning the Chinese government approach such as too late, hiding or issuing false information, or locking up people spreading rumors, with 10,000’s of opinions in foreign social media (some harsh hatred), the far majority of people here in China remain calm, change their holiday plans, and protect their lifestyles.

Praised by WHO, this unparalleled time-pressured operation managing containment, treatment and panic avoidance will naturally not be without any flaws but taking out the exceptions as being the mainstream process in international media does not do justice at all of the overall reality.

Transport and quarantine regulations are updated by the hour with currently about 50 million people in quarantine in Hubei province while e.g. in Beijing, complete residence compounds are being locked down for checkups once a case in this compound has been confirmed.

Looking at the measures being taken by the hour these days, we can expect a long process of quarantine, transport, people gathering and other restrictions with severe hick-ups and setbacks possible. The necessity of calmness, resilience and solidarity  remains key to curbing this epidemic besides the actual measures of containment and treatment being taken. Human panic is the best fuel for a disastrous spread.

Do not underestimate the social intelligence by people and through people which is so necessary in communication and messaging to keep control in the process and keep all people onboard to fight the containment.

How would your society handle the 2019-nCoV Corona Virus outbreak ?

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