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Roads in China | A sky ride over the Yangtze river into bustling hilly high-rises...

Chongqing | A sky ride over the Yangtze river into bustling hilly high-rises...

The 长江索道 or Yangtze River Cableway in #Chongqing has been in operation since 1984. With a length of 1166 meters, the cable car ride takes about 4 minutes, connecting Yuzhong and Nan`an districts from Xinhua Road in Jiefangbei to Shangxin Street in Danzishi.

While other public transportation has become much more efficient and spread, regular commuters have decreased but the cable car has become a symbol for Chongqing with millions of tourists taking a ride and the cable car has been a scene for several famous movies in China.

There used to be two major river cableways in downtown Chongqing during the 1980s. The first one was Jialing River Cableway, in operation from 1982. By the 1990s, the average daily passenger flow had reached 12,000 people, and during its 29 years operation, the passenger flow had exceeded 100 million people. The Jialing River cableway closed down in 2011.

Chongqing is one of the four municipalities under direct administration of the central Chinese government (along with #Beijing, #Shanghai, and #Tianjin). Chongqing is an overwhelming city for most first time visitors with bustling roads, hills and a high density of residence buildings, offices and infrastructure in the hills.

Known as “fog city” or “mountain city”, it is the largest city in South-West (or Central) China with an urban population about 22 million people and a total municipal population of over 30 million. Though the total municipality region is about the size of Austria, there are large districts of nature and countryside within the municipality. Only 6-7% is urban city area.

Especially Wulong county, about 140km from the city center is famous for its karst landscapes.

Wulong county,Chongqing

People also call Chongqing the “3D City” as the city’s dazzling infrastructure crisscrosses the hills, slopes, and wide rivers. Five-layer overpasses divide off into eight different directions, a cableway soars across the grand Yangtze River, and sky trains literally tunnel straight through residential buildings.

Founded during the ancient kingdom of Ba (巴國) in Sichuan province about 3000 years ago, the Bayu (Ba) culture can still be found in some old parts of the city today. The city got its current name in 1189 AD after Prince Zhao Dun of the Southern Song dynasty described his crowning as king and then Emperor Guangzong as a "double celebration" 双重喜庆 shuāngchóng xǐqìng, or Chóngqìng in short. The city has a long and diverse history and is today one of the major economic, business and industry centers of South-Central China. As of 2021, the economy of Chongqing was China's 16th largest economy on provincial level with a GDP of USD 439 billion nominal, similar to Malaysia’s economy.

Not to forget, Chongqing’s cuisine is especially known all over China for its typical spicy hot pot 😊

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Source videos and pictures : douyin, IG, unsplash

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