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Roads in China | Dynamic bird’s eye view on cherry blossoms......

如意桥 or Ruyi footbridge is located in Xianju County under the prefecture of coastal Taizhou city in #Zhejiang province. Made up of three bridges, planning for the bridge began in 2017 and it was completed in September 2020. It is a pedestrian bridge, crossing the Shenxianju Valley, constructed with a glass-bottomed walkway to enjoy the valley scenery.

Designed by architect He Yunchang (who was also involved in the design of the Bird’s Nest stadium in #Beijing, the bridge looks like a Chinese Ruyi 如意, a kind of scepter in Chinese Buddhism symbolizing, good fortune and power.

The bridge crossing the Shenxianju valley is part of the Xianju National Park(仙居国家公园) between the Kuocang Mountains (括苍山脉) and Dalei Mountain (大雷山). The name Xianju 仙居 literally means “dwelling place of celestial spirits” and refers to the natural beauty, mountains, peaks and waterfalls, often shrouded by clouds and mist, are painting mystical pictures.

The county is located about 100km east of the prefecture administration center #Taizhou City (台州) at the coast with an urban population of over 2 million and a total prefecture population of about 6 million. Along with its neighbor Wenzhou, the cities were the first sprouts of the private economic developments in the early days of China’s economic reforms in the early 1980’s. The Taizhou economic model is considered one of the cradles of economic reform.

This amazing bridge is about 230km south of Zhejiang province's capital #Hangzhou and 400km from #Shanghai

Here another short clip :

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Video source khanjipeerwala IG, Douyin

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