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Roads in China | enjoying an island bike ride along the Taiwan Strait coast...

Enjoying a bike ride in the sea breeze

along the Taiwan Strait coastline on Dongshan Island

东山岛 Dongshan island or actually Dongshan county, comprising of total 44 islands, is a county under the administration of 漳州市 #Zhangzhou City off the coast of #Fujian province with a population of about 200,000. The county is known for its vast forest coverage, being part of the national coastal forestation program.

The main Dongshan island, Fujian’s 2nd largest island, has a size of 194 km2 with long stretched beaches and bays. The island is centrally located between the ancient, coastal trading cities of #Xiamen and #Shantou. The city of #Kaohsiung on the island of #Taiwan is about 200km east from Dongshan island, separated by 台湾海峡 or the Taiwan Strait.

Dongshan island has a long history, especially noted during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). In ancient 铜陵镇 or Tongling town in the north-east of the island, Tongshan castle was built in 1387 by Ming Dynasty General Zhou Dexing to protect the island and coast against Japanese pirates. Tongling town has also been the ancestral home or sea departure place for many Chinese people who emigrated to other countries in previous centuries. The Zhangzhou dialect proper, spoken in this region is one of the oldest dialects in Southern Min language (Hokkien variety), and along with urban Quanzhou dialect, it forms the basis for all modern Hokkien varieties.

In 1953, the 东山岛战役 or Dongshan Island Campaign battle was fought on the island between the Chinese Communists and nationalist Kuomintang during the Chinese Civil War when the Nationalists unsuccessfully attempted to retake the island from the Communists. It was the last large battle of the civil war between the two sides, lost by the Kuomintang after which they retreated to the island of Taiwan.

Originally a fish farming area, today the island is a growing seaport for its location and tourist destination for its beaches, forests and climate.

One of the main tourist attractions on the island is a walk on the fishbone sandbar in the south-west of the island.

Fishbone sandbar on Dongshan island

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Source video : 207697002 Douyin, chinainsider IG/Douyin,

Pictures : xinhua, greenbiz, google maps

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