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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Senior high school entrance exam, first life outside home for many students across China...

85,000 Beijing Junior high school students started their 中考 Zhongkao or Senior High School Entrance Examination today (June 24). All over China the Zhongkao will take place around this period of time for millions of graduate (3rd year) junior high school students to advance to the next 3 years senior high school.

The Zhongkao diploma is also mandatory for entering vocational or technical high schools apart from advancing to the general senior high school.

This year is the first year that both the junior high school graduation exam and the admission exam for senior high school (or vocation and technical schools) are compiled to one exam.

For many students in China (about 15-16 years young), it means moving out from home for the first time to live in high school dormitories as senior high schools are often further away, especially in rural areas.

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