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Smart driverless mobility moving forward...

Driverless mobility, autonomous 5G driven, transportation, cleaning and vending in Longlingshan Ecological Park in Wuhan's Economic and Technological Development Zone. Last Wednesday Wuhan completed the fully 5G automated driven park for mobility, cleaning and services and will be accessible for the public January 1.

The fleet of automated driverless vehicles includes cleaning and food vending vehicles, along with shuttle buses, taxis and sightseeing cars.

Artificial intelligence start-up DeepBlue Technology, carmaker Dongfeng Motor, and autonomous delivery company Neolix Technologies, among others, all worked on different vehicles for the project.

The cleaning vehicles have an internal water reuse system, capable of disposing and recycling water separated from dirt and waste.

Shuttle buses, taxis and touring cars can be stopped by waving a hand or booked from current location through a mini program on a smartphone. Another advance in smart, driverless mobility.

KFC China has been out with their smart autonomous vending cars in China and last summer this vending machine was moving around in our in our residence complex in Beijing offering drinking water.

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Pictures by CGTN

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