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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Spring Festival 2021 is over...

Spring Festival is over, yesterday's Lantern Festival was the last day of the 15 day festive period to welcome a new spring in the new year of the ox.

Spring Festival is not only about a new spring and a new year but a celebration and reminder about #togetherness #caring #respect #inheritance #interdependence #courtesy #gratefulness and #inspiration

This short 5 min. movie is a unique sentiment through chopsticks reflecting Spring Festival in its full potential and diversity.

Let's now be ready to start working hard plowing lands as resilient oxen for fertile soil in spring and a great harmonious and solidarity harvest this year in all perspectives.

This movie was originally published in 2015 by CCTV. And yes I post this movie every new year, a wonderful reminder :-)

#china #springfestival #yearoftheox2021 #china2021 #newchina

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