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Suffering a cold ? A hot ginger cola will do the trick...

Suffering a cold or feeling chilled to the bone by fierce icy winds ? People in China will advice you to drink a hot cola boiled with shredded ginger.

Boiled cola with ginger has been a popular beverage since decades in China, especially in wintertime and considered a good remedy against colds. Many restaurants, especially those serving hotpot or lamb pot have boiled coke with ginger on the menu.

After Pepsi has gone local in China earlier this year with TCM herbal drinks, read in our earlier post "Adidas and Milk Tea... Pepsi and Traditional Chinese Medicine..." , Coca Cola has recently launched a hot cola with ginger juice.

The hot ginger cola beverage is now available in some Chinese cities now through beverage heating displays in convenience stores or restaurants. You can also bring it along and warm up at home.

Coca Cola launched a cold refreshing ginger flavored cola few years back but is now truly going local by their first hot cola beverage for a warming, spicy glow during wintertime.

You can also make your own hot ginger cola at home with regular cola and fresh ginger, it might surprise you how it will warm and lift you up :-)

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sources/pictures pandayoo, secrets-garden-life

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