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The Chinese secondhand book market in a 'new retail' coat...

‘Old style comfort’ in a ‘new retail’ coat | Although Chinese society is rapidly digitizing, the reading culture is going various ways.

Sure e-reading is growing at higher rates than physical books with fierce competition between innovative online platforms. But physical books are certainly not disappearing. On the contrary, libraries and fancy bookshops are popping up everywhere in China.

Online platform Duozhuayu (多抓鱼), meaning ‘catch more fish’ and sometimes called “Déjà vu” (similar to the Chinese pronunciation), was established in 2017 jumping into the secondhand book market with a unique model of buying, reconditioning and sterilizing, and selling secondhand books.

The model includes advanced algorithms managing purchase, demand and pricing and people just need to scan book bar codes if they want to sell with courier picking up at home upon acceptance. Or you can receive an automatic reminder if a specific book you are looking for becomes available.

The platform has turned into a vibrant reading community, expanding also into pop-up book markets in different cities as well as their first own physical secondhand book stores since last year.

A wonderful example of new retail...

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