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  • Gordon Dumoulin

The Chinese taste for ice cream

China has experienced a revolution for ice cream bars in recent years, in respect of unique flavors, ingredients, shapes and price range. While 5-6 years ago ice cream bar prices generally ranged from RMB 2-7 (USD 0,30-1,00) with regular flavors and shapes, the ice cream market has exploded with innovation, diversity, premium and most of all consumption.

China has been world’s largest ice cream market since 2019 with a size of about USD 23 billion last year.

The market has been disrupted by local and foreign players with new product, innovation, marketing and distribution concepts. High end ice creams with premium ingredients and prices have appeared in no time such as Shanghai’s Zhong Xue Gao with prices triple or more from average ice cream bars. Zhong Xue Gao was the largest ice cream seller on ecommerce platform Tmall last year.

Magnum regularly opens “pop-up” stores for customer experience to top their magnum with special sauces and garnishes for a unique flavor experience.

New ice cream flavors have been popping up from Germany black beer, salted egg yolk to squid, wasabi or crab roe. Health and environmental consciousness also play an increasing role in consumers’ considerations.

a wonderful playground for ice cream makers 😊 !

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