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  • Gordon Dumoulin

The real deal for China's prosperity lies in the countryside....

Talking about mobility and infrastructure in China, pictures of modern smart cities are coming usually in mind but the ๐—ฟ๐—ฒ๐—ฎ๐—น ๐—ฑ๐—ฒ๐—ฎ๐—น for the country's development and prosperity is infrastructure and mobility in ๐—ฟ๐˜‚๐—ฟ๐—ฎ๐—น ๐—–๐—ต๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ฎ with 500 million population for poverty eradication, improve connectivity and inclusiveness for all people.

China has invested EURO 119 billion in rural road construction during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020) and so far 4.2 million km rural roads have been paved or renovated.

High speed trains have also expanded from just routes between large metropoles to enter rural areas, 550 cities are currently connected to the high speed railway grid with 36,000 km tracks, expected to double by 2035.

For the digital infrastructure, 98% of the rural areas have been covered by 4G (and 5G entering now), connected to the digital world for education, live streaming new retail and countless other opportunities along with a fast expanding network of courier services in the vast rural lands.

Moreover, the investments are in line with China's ambitions for building a green, sustainable economy. The easy access to the abundance of amazing natural and cultural sights all over China will widen the perspective of China and rural, sustainable eco-tourism will flourish in coming decade.

A preferred business segment to jump in now, the road is being paved for you....

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