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  • Gordon Dumoulin

The road to a sustainable future; commerce or morality ? Lessons from China

How to drive sustainability in agriculture, industry, trade, energy, transport and construction towards the future ?

“The major global sustainability dilemma is that the commercial perspective for sustainability is lagging much behind the moral perspective in many societies" (statement during the World Economic Forum 2019 by Lyu Jun, Chairman of COFCO Group (China's largest food processor, manufacturer and trader).

Some key drivers of true and irreversible success of sustainabile growth in China;

* The finance sector is emerging as major driver of sustainability in China; Reduced risk and higher returns.

* Innovation is part of any solution; People may not like change, but like innovation and new options. Innovation is essential for change.

* Success depends on collaboration and all people-inclusiveness. For example China’s sizeable “Grain for Green” project offered grains, tax and other encouragements so that farmers would protect, instead of clear, their forested slopes.

China is serious about sustainability; $378.5 billion in 16 major sustainability programs in the last 20 years. Commercially, China is now at the cutting edge of #solartechnology, #lowcarboneconomy , #circulareconomy, #windenergy etc.

Read more in following article from World Economic Forum :

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