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  • Gordon Dumoulin

the shepherd is back to work....

This week businesses in Beijing and other places in China are slowly and carefully finding their way to become operational again. Topics such as home-based work with online connections, how to get distant staff and employees back to the factories or which regulations and safety procedures to follow for qualified operations are viral on social media.

Earlier this week I drove through the countryside at the outskirts of Tongzhou district in Beijing and saw this shepherd letting his sheep out. Popped in my mind that his worries are most probably quite different than most of us city people and actually each individual and family in China has their own story and hardship through this epidemic.

Little is seen in international mainstream media news or documentaries about the human and personal sides of normal people in China throughout the epidemic. It would be a great opportunity to show and learn more about Chinese society and culture today without any bias or colored preoccupation; just people’s daily lives, their worries and fights, and how they are getting through this hard time.

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