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  • Gordon Dumoulin

the unknown beauties of Hubei waiting to be unlocked...

Hubei’s scenic high speed train railway track just opened before the quarantine kicked in. On 29th of Nov. 2019, the track was opened between Wuhan to Shiyan in Hubei province, passing some of Hubei's famous cultural, natural and historical sights.

The HSR line is 399km long at a max. speed of 350km/h with 13 stations. Travel time is about 2 hrs and the track ‘unlocks’ almost 50% of Hubei’s population (58 million) to be easy reachable to other parts of the province and country.

Today, part of the track is under quarantine as not only Wuhan is sealed off but other cities as well in Hubei.

The scenic route will bring you in the vicinities of the Wudang Mountains, renowned for Tai chi and Taoism with famous temples and monasteries, and the Shennongjia Forestry District (UNESCO world heritage), a primary forest region with China's largest biodiversity and a unique, indigenous pallet of flora and fauna.

Other sites along the way are Longzhong, the mountainous residential area of Zhuge Liang, a remarkable strategist and politician during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280) and Suizhou, the hometown of Emperor Yan Shennong who is regarded as the ancestor of the Chinese people and the founder of Chinese agriculture.

#hubei #wuhan #china #coronavirus Sources cbc, cgtn, unesco

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