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  • Gordon Dumoulin

This little pig is THE British culture icon in China

This little pig has more credits with Chinese people than the Beatles, Manchester United and her Majesty the Queen altogether as a British culture icon.

Peppa Pig has been in China for 7 years, racking up to 18 billion online views of the popular series. And the best is yet to come this coming Spring Festival, better known as Chinese New Year in the rest of the world.

Peppa Pig certainly had its bumpy rides in its China presence during the past years, being associated with social subcultures in short movies or foreign press unjustified calling out another case of so-called Chinese censorship that Peppa was forbidden on the Chinese internet.

The popularity of Peppa Pig has moved its rights-owner ‘Entertainment One’ to prepare a big hit for Chinese Year (of the Pig) in 2019. Unlike several other foreign brands in recent past such as D&G or Bruberry who slashed their reputations within Chinese social media seconds, Entertainment One seems to be walking the right way and hitting the right nails at the exact right time with a massively launched movie ‘Peppa Pig celebrates Chinese New Year’.

A dear collaboration with leading Alibaba Pictures to co-produce a Chinese Peppa Pig movie with traditions and involvement during the wonderful season of the Spring Festival.

A movie trailer released last week has already won the hearts of hundreds of millions internet users in China.

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