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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Urban future begins in Shenzhen this year...

The construction of urban future will commence at the end of this year. Chinese technology giant Tencent (mostly known abroad from Wechat), active in social media, digital finance, entertainment (games, TV, music and movie productions) and smart technologies (top 10 most valuable brand worldwide), has announced the construction of ‘Net City’.

This 200 hectare neighborhood of the future will be built on a peninsula in the Dachan bay port area of Shenzen, hometown of Tencent.

Designed to accommodate a population of some 80,000 people, the car-free ecosystem will prioritize pedestrians, green spaces, public transportation and self-driving vehicles. Although it will be a self-sufficient area including residence and business areas, schools, retail and parks, it is not meant to be an isolated, secure island. It will be a vibrant neighbourhood and a vital hub for the whole of Shenzhen metropolis.

Naturally with a new Tencent HQ at the heart of Net City, sustainability and human-centric are the “primary drivers” for the overall design according the Seattle-based architect NBBJ. Net City is scheduled to complete within 7 years.

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