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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Virtual entertainment, Human interaction and Social bonding

China’s latest entertainment app hype is 音遇 (yīn yù), which doesn’t have an official English name but translates roughly to Music Meetup. In just over three months, the virtual interactive KTV app has garnered daily average user numbers in the millions and made a home at the top of Chinese App Store charts.

Here’s how it works: six strangers come together in a digital room where, after hearing a short clip of user-sung versions of hit songs (a clever sidestep of IP issues), they have to sing the succeeding verse. A forgiving AI ‘judge’ then gives a thumbs up or down based on your performance, and over the next 10 minutes, crowns a winner. There are also ways to send fellow players gifts and level up on a leaderboard.

The fun comes from not just singing your KTV favorites, but human interaction and social bonding in virtual space. Players forget the lines halfway through, make up their own versions to the lyrics or get interrupted by their coworkers or parents. According to players, the atmosphere of these instant friend groups is a surprisingly cheerful and positive one, with little to no trolling to be found.

AI technology and Virtual Space for human interaction and social bonding. Comfortably fitting in Chinese society and culture.

Source : Supchina

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