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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Wechat 10 years young...

Owned by Tencent, Wechat (微信, Wēixìn) celebrated their 10th birthday last week. Wechat has grown from a messaging app into a huge digital ecosystem in China and partly abroad, all in one super app.

Social media, digital payment, search engine, location mapping and millions of commercial, municipal and corporate services have been exploited through their ecosystem of Mini programs (launched in 2017. Mini programs are your own mini app in the Wechat super app for launching anything you aspire in digital business or services.

Total transactions generated on Wechat Mini Programs grew more than 100% in 2020 to USD 247 billion from USD 123 billion in 2019.

Wechat Search reached 500 million monthly active users (MAU) last year and the Wechat COVID-19 health scanning code has been used over 20 billion times by over 800 million users.

WeCom, Wechat's dedicated enterprise service and communication tool, now counts over 5.5 million enterprises and organisations with over 400 million MAU. Their gaming section entertains 500 million MAU.

Wechat has been playing a huge impact during the pandemic to keep businesses and lives rolling in countless ways.

Only 10 years young...

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