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  • Gordon Dumoulin

'Welcome back' gift for Wuhan's locked down residents....

A ‘welcome back gift’ of splendid, natural beauty for the people in Wuhan who will be meticulously opening their doors in coming weeks and make first careful steps outside for the first time since the end of January when the whole city went into lockdown.

The cherry blossoms in Wuhan, especially at the Wuhan University campus and East Lake’s shores are renowned for their beauty all over China and visited by thousands each year during the abundant flowering time in 2nd half of March/start of April.

Praise and deepest gratitude for all medical, security, supporting and management teams at the Wuhan battle front for containing the outbreak as much as possible and fighting to save the life of each individual person infected.

Also praise for all 10’s of millions in Wuhan and Hubei province who have been resilient and solidary being quarantined at home to limit the spread as much as possible into China and beyond.

The fight is far from over; ceaseless solidarity, support and praise is utmost required by humanity anywhere on earth for the people fighting the pandemic and saving lives at the new battle grounds emerging all over the world.

Let us hope we can embrace each other soon again. #goworld #gowuhan #coronavirus #covid19 #wuhan #solidarity #humanity #china #wuhan

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