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  • Gordon Dumoulin

What morning greetings at this Chinese kindergarten can teach us.....

Human solidarity in diversity and social intelligence. I am confident our children all over the world understand, accept and respect the fact that hugs, high-fives and bottom bumps are temporarily out of the question for a morning greeting and will happily bow at 1.5-2 meters physical distance showing solidarity and resilience.

We adults just need to provide the example and role model for our kids. But this seems often so much more difficult for adults to be this role model and show responsibility for humanity as a total. Not only for just a simple matter such as physical distance (which is already so difficult) but moreover for mutual trust, humbleness, respect, responsibility, sharing and sacrifice as one humanity together and for each other wherever in the world.

#humanity #childrenarethefuture #socialintelligence #crossculturalintelligence

Posted this video of this wonderful morning greeting ritual at a Chinese kindergarten somewhere last year but thought it will provide great #foodforthoughts for adults in today's world.

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