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  • Gordon Dumoulin

What will our kids think of the year 2020 ?

What will our kids think of the year 2020 and our generation in 30 or 40 years time ??

2020 with the coronavirus has ‘just’ been a trigger for speeding up towards human crossroads. While many still longing for the ‘old pre-corona nostalgy’ ; the 2020 message is that humanity requires huge change and adaptation. We see this in strong signs, for example by geopolitical drifting apart or coming together in the recent protests against racism. But when looking back 3-4 decades; the 2020 warning should be read much more widely and drastically;

Environment/Sustainability ; the relation between people and environment has been a disaster. Drastic disruptions are required in cleaning up and developing sustainable ecosystems.

Technology ; high-tech is here to stay and people need to act how high-tech can integrate for the benefit of humanity, and not a threat.

Humanity; issues simmering for decades such as racism or economic and social disparities coming out in 2020. Huge change required !

Foremost, all 3 elements require respectful and willing global collaboration as they do not respect borders just like coronavirus.

Are we up for the task to let our kids have respectful thoughts about 2020 ?

#reboothumanity #geopolitics #humanity #covid19 #racism #china #usa #europe

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