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Wonderful short film peeks into Chinese society and culture...

“The Comeback” (2022)

the 5th edition of Apple’s Spring Festival (Lunar or Chinese New Year) short film.

Since 5 years, Apple releases a short film every year before Chinese New Year, directed by well-known Chinese directors and shot on the iPhone to celebrate the holiday. The short films are generally much appreciated on Chinese online media for its authenticity and touch with Chinese society, culture or actuality.

This year’s 23-minute short film "The Comeback" was released last Thursday, directed by director Zhang Meng and shot on the iPhone 13 Pro. A heartwarming multi-genre movie with lots of nostalgic feel good and familiar vibes. It tells the story of a father, a son and a forgotten village making an out-of-this-world dream come true.

Apple said this year’s film is “set to inspire and encourage everyone to never stop believing in their dreams - even if that dream is as far away as Mars.”


Last year’s short film 'Nian' (12 min.) was about a contemporary reimaging of a traditional Chinese New Year legend ‘Nian’ monster (年兽). This beast is believed to come to villages mid-winter looking for food and is scared away by red colours and loud noise. Hence the red lanterns and poems on houses and loud firecrackers in the streets. A little girl becomes friends with Nian with film conveying the positive message of overcoming fear by curiosity and courage from which many of us can learn, especially in these times.

“Nian” (2022)


Or the 2020 short film ‘Daughter’ (8 min.), a real-life story in Chongqing about three generations of Chinese women from one family coming together at Chinese New Year, exposing their lives with generation gaps.

“Daughter” (2020)


While China is being portrayed with increasingly narrowing perspectives, there is little exposure and interest in Western media about the actual diverse and dynamic society, culture, people’s perspectives and daily life.

Although Apple’s short films are understandably intended for the Chinese market, they are very welcoming as an insight to Chinese society for others. And moreover these short films are a great example of China consumer marketing by Apple...

Take a cup of tea or coffee and immerse into Chinese society and culture for a moment.

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